Standard delivery time is 1-2 days in the UK, 3-5 days for orders to Europe and 5-7 days for the rest of the World. If your order is not with you within 2 weeks please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we will investigate. Please check with neighbours and the post office beforehand, in case a delivery has been attempted whilst you were out.


Postage costs are calculated by the weight of your cart when you check out. This is also dependent on the destination country of the order. All products have individual weights and will fit into weight classes that calculate the cost of shipping.

Weight UK EU RoW
Up to 100g £1.95 £7.95 £16.00
Up to 500g £2.95 £9.50 £18.00
Up to 750g £4.50 £11.00 £20.00
Up to 1kg £5.50 £12.00 £21.00
Up to 1.5kg £7.50 £13.00 £23.00
Up to 2kg £9.50 £19.95 £25.00
2kg+ £15.95 £35.00 £65.00


Goods are paid for in full when checking out an order on the website.