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Chasing The Dragon – Eleanor Mcevoy – Forgotten Dreams CD

“FORGOTTEN DREAMS” Vinyl album, due to popular demand,now available on CD
McEvoy’s latest album “Forgotten Dreams” (2019) was recorded in Air Studios in London as a Direct-Cut-to-Vinyl. This means that the album is recorded as the performance is happening in the studio. There is no editing or overdubbing. The entire side of the album, 20 minutes of music, has to be recorded non-stop without any mistakes, noises, string breakages, technical issues etc. and there is only one shot at it.

Eleanor McEvoy – Love Must Be Tough – 180g Diverse Vinyl

The title track 'love must be tough' (written by Eleanor and legend Johnny Rivers) says it all. This new album, from Eleanor McEvoy, takes her into a new territory, featuring songs from many artists and songwriters. The theme is love, romance and loss, but not particularly in the context of wealth, youth or obvious allure. On this album of songs originally sung by men, Eleanor's singing sends many of the titles off on a new twist! Eleanor McEvoy began her Australian tour on February 28th at kulcha in fremantle, western Australia. 'love must be tough' is released exclusively in Australia as a part of this tour.

Eleanor McEvoy – Out There – 180g Diverse Vinyl

The 10th Anniversary pressing was launched at The National Audio Show at Whittlebury Hall on 17th September 2016.