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This is my favourite album, placed on my rebuilt turntable. I started the project by finding an old but functional Lenco L 75 turntable. Then I built the plinth from left overs from a beach plate. I had to make some considerations, whether I should make the plinth in a sandwich style or I should go for a more simple box as the original one. I took a look at plywood box, and noticed it was rather simple built. I made a choice not to do a “miter box”, but to glue a box of this rather heavy bench plate. And it made it for me. Lots of fun, and some hours spent in my hobby room, and the result was more solid and muffled than the original box. Then I spent some more hours with rebuilding of the inside of the turntable. Not that funny, but really necessarily, because The devil is in the details.

I made a choice on an Jelco 750 D black design as a tonearm, and a Gold ring pickup the 2500. I’m rather pleased with the result. Now I have a turntable that really makes it worth a while listening to my vinyl records. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, sound more crisp and open. Even though the pressing is not the original one, with the famous Charisma label. This is a repressing, but I think I do not need to tell You why? All in all. I feel rather pleased with the turntable, even though it’s a midrange turntable. No doubt, music is more vibrant this way.

Johan Solem

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